Dr. Gurvinder S. Gill, DVM


Dr. Gill loved animals big or small since whenever he first knew to love anything. This inevitably led to the career choice as a Veterinarian, initially, one in a military uniform looking after the health of horses and pack mules. This job came with a priceless perk of being able to compete in equestrian sport, which he did for a long time.  Now working with the small animals is what he loves doing at the Tynehead Animal Hospital.  He works hard for the wellbeing of his patients, sparing no opportunity to train better and learn more. Most notable stints of training were at the Humane Alliance, Ashville and Tuskegee University, Alabama.  He does Emergency and Critical care as well and holds a special interest in dentistry, surgery, and diagnostic imaging.  Other pursuits include enjoying the beautiful outdoors by hiking, driving, or travelling to different places with his wife while hoping to return to equestrian sport soon.

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